GTA 3 Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up


Claude drops by Luigi’s Sex Club 7 looking for more work, and is met by the co-manager Mickey Hamfists. Hamfists hands Claude a letter from Luigi, who asks Claude to take out a drug dealer at Portland Harbor. Claude picks up the baseball bat from outside Woody’s Topless Bar and drives to Portland Harbor, where he kills the drug dealer. Claude then takes his car to the Pay ‘n’ Spray in the Red Light District, before driving it to Luigi’s lock-up in Portland View.


Mission Objectives

  • Pick up the bat.
  • Take his car and get it resprayed.
  • Stash the car in Luigi’s lockup.


The reward for completing the mission is $4,000 and the mission Drive Misty For Me is unlocked.


  • SPANK dealer – Killed by Claude for giving drugs to Luigi’s prostitutes.
  • Luigi’s prostitutes (optional) – can be killed while trying to kill the drug dealer.


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